Life Coach Training - Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP

Life Coach Training - Level 5 Diploma In Performance Coaching with NLP

Become a highly trained, credible and professionally accredited Life Coach with the Simply Changing Life Coach Training Programme! 

Here's more information for you about our Level 5 Diploma In Performance Coaching with NLP (Academically Recognised and Professionally Accredited)

There are three ways to train to become a Life Coach with Simply Changing.  You can choose our Face to Face programme delivered from beautiful Derbyshire, you can choose our Fast Track 6 Month programme delivered by weekly webinars, or you can choose our Distance Learning Programme and learn in the comfort of your own home.

So, that's 3 options to learn:

  1. Face to Face - taking some time out for you to relax in the beautiful countryside
  2. Fast Track 6 Month Programme - weekly online webinars - a cost effective and brilliant way to learn
  3. Distance Learning - learning from the comfort of your own home in a timescale that works for you

Train to become a Professional and Accredited Coach with us and transform your life, your business, your relationships

We know that coaching is valuable, after all it’s everything we do!    

Louise Trevatt, our Founder, holds a Masters in Coaching. She designed one of the very first post-graduate coaching programmes in the UK. Invited by the University and leading coaching training providers, she pioneered training and development in this field. Louise has vast experience gained through working in her field of management, personal development, business, executive and performance coaching. This has enabled her to design this innovative and unique programme for you.

Content That Makes Us Different.

Being experienced and skilled in personal change we see coaching as an artform where we can be creative. Creativity gives your coachee the best opportunity of making the changes they wish to make. At Simply Changing, we actively coach in a range of different specialisms and in this programme we share with you our expertise. We give you the opportunity to develop your own appreciation of varied coaching practices. This experience will add tremendously to your own coaching practice.

Coaching Module Content

We are skilled in Coaching and NLP.  We know how to make academic programmes practical, fun and easy to learn.  This is an easy to follow learning process which focuses on how you ‘behave’ as a coach and what ‘language’ to use.  It is full of terrific tools and techniques that will enable you to build your skills rapidly.  You receive tremendous support throughout.  You will receive:

  • All the Coaching documentation you need to get you up and running as a coach
  • Coaching techniques
  • Full explanation of all tools, techniques and models
  • Masses of Coaching activities

Here's just some of what you will gain from the coaching module:

  • Information on the background, origins and current use of coaching (for your own marketing purposes)
  • All the documentation you will need to coach people professionally and get up and running immediately
  • Ability to use powerful models of coaching to bring about change
  • A full range of questioning techniques for any coaching situation
  • A working knowledge of belief and how to build strong unshakeable beliefs
  • Terrific Goal Setting Techniques
  • A working knowledge of how coaching relates to other disciplines (Counselling, Training etc)

NLP Module

Having over 20 years of NLP as a Practitioner and Trainer, this module is carefully crafted to ensure that you build your knowledge from a great point of understanding. We want to share with you what we know about how the coaching process transforms the effect NLP has on your coachees. In this module you get:

  • Step by Step guide to understanding How NLP works!
  • Practical guidance on applying NLP
  • Fun Exercises to enjoy
  • Tried and tested accelerated learning process - you will be using NLP from the word GO!
  • Terrific understanding of NLP including:
    • NLP Language
    • NLP Behaviours
    • NLP Techniques including:
      1. Submodalities
      2. Eye representational system
      3. Neurology and Psychology
      4. Meta Model
      5. Milton Model
      6. Anchoring
      7. NLP Strategies

So, Is It Distance Learning, Fast Track Or Face To Face For You?

The distance learning programme is proving to be very popular because:

It is fully supervised by Louise and the team.  We receive such a lot of positive feedback about the content, the materials, how it is structured and the tremendous support we offer.

The Face to Face programme - if you can get to us in Derbyshire we would highly recommend it becuase:

The opportunity of learning face to face with us means you get our undivided attention, you meet the wider network of developing and graduate coaches and you receive learning support that accelerates your skills and knowledge.  Here are our aims for you as a participant on the Face to Face programme:

  1. To learn in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment
  2. To have the opportunity to check out your understanding with us throughout the programme
  3. To meet a wider network of Simply Changing Coaches
  4. To receive positive feedback on the application of your Coaching and NLP skills
  5. To experience 'positive reinforcement' first hand
  6. To accelerate your learning with focused supportpproach to delivery and support
  7. To have direct experience of training delivered in a Coaching format

Our Aim - is to get you to a place where you are skilled and comfortable coaching others.  We provide a tremendous range of coaching tools and techniques supported by a fabulous set of materials that hold your hand through the learning process and give you a ton of tools to work with whilst you are learning and when you are also a fully accredited coach
Why NLP and Coaching? – NLP is a tremendous skill  set for any good coach.  We introduce you to NLP and quickly get you up and running by understanding how NLP works and supporting you in developing your NLP skills and integrating these into your coaching practice.  This is supported by 3 easy to follow step by step guides through NLP – it’s a really great resource explaining things simply and providing a ton of exercises for you to work with your coachees
Ongoing Support for Face to Face and Distance Learning – we support you throughout your learning process with email support ongoing throughout.  It’s highly valued by our distance learning coaches

How Long Does The Coaching Programme Take?

You can choose to Graduate this Diploma in Coaching with NLP in 3 (if you are already skilled in coaching), 6, 9, or 12 months - whichever timescale works best for you!

Remember - You will gain direct and first-hand experience of the following:

  • The latest coaching models tools and techniques
  • Developing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills to enhance coaching performance Coaching tools and techniques (of course!)
  • Discovering the creativity of coaching and how it can dovetail with your skills, interests and passions

Our Specialism Is Your Specialism!

We specialise in developing your ability to apply coaching in any context and facilitate personal change. The Diploma In Performance Coaching will give you tremendous coaching skill. The content of this programme is varied in scope and covers new innovative coaching approaches. Your learning experience will enable you to develop a mature and professional practice.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a great listener
  • You have an intuitive understanding of human behaviour
  • You feel that listening and empathising is just not enough
  • You believe you have the ability to make a big difference to others

We love the fact that prestigious bodies such as the CIPD agree with us when they say:  

  • Coaching provides people with feedback on their performance
  • Coaching supports changes in attitudes and behaviour that can translate into more effective performance at work
  • Coaching enables people to refocus and take a critical look at their approaches and style at work
  • Coaching helps people identify barriers that are preventing them from being more effective in their jobs
  • Coaching helps people commit to new performance goalsCoaching gives people someone to listen/talk to without judgement
  • Coaching helps to promote individual self-awareness and self-management
  • Coaching offers a flexible and tailored approach to development
  • Coaching demands individual responsibility for performance and development
  • Coaching is a challenging and demanding experience, but this can help to accelerate learning

This Simply Changing coaching programme will give you the opportunity to make a REAL difference to the lives of those you coach. Why?  Because we know what we are doing!

Your Accredited Performance Coaching Award

This is an accredited programme. It is an Level 5 Academic Diploma.

This programme is also accredited by NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists) so therefore you gain a professional accreditation too.

About Your Award

Performance coaching enables you to coach in any context, including business, sport, education, life, etc. Once you step into our coaching environment you know you are in skilled hands. You can relax and enjoy developing your ability to make a big difference to those you coach.

Your learning experience will fill you with the ability to excel in your coaching activities. You can be sure of a friendly approachable delivery team.  We deliver our training in a coaching style and have a fun, stimulating learning experience waiting for you.   You will learn the most effective coaching tools, techniques and models. 

Your experience on this programme will lead you to develop your knowledge and understanding of positive psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The course is particularly enjoyable because our successful style means that you are coaching from the first few hours and developing your expertise throughout the course.


There are 2 options for learning:  Face to face programme (a total of 7 days face-to-face training taking place conveniently in the Staffordshire countryside, handy for the M1, M6 and East Midlands Airport) and Distance Learning Programme with an option to participate in any of the workshops if you like.

You will be coaching ‘volunteers’ between the taught elements of the course and this will give you an opportunity to put your learning into practice.  You will be supervised throughout your practice and learning programme right through to accreditation.

Throughout the programme you will document your own learning process and this will form the evidence required for your award as a Performance Coach.

Benefits For The People You Coach

There is a growing interest in coaching and it is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK because more people are seeking help and guidance in achieving their business and life ambitions. Here are some more benefits the people you coach (those that work and those that don’t) will receive:

  • Increased ability in chosen area, eg, sport, work, home, education etc
  • Increased return on investment (benefits outweigh coaching costs)
  • Better relationships
  • Better conflict resolution
  • Peace of mind
  • Better Relationships
  • Clearer understanding of self

Benefits for those who work or volunteer

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Greater commitment to the organisation

Benefits For You As a Coach

Here are, just some, of the benefits you will receive when you become qualified with Simply Changing. You will gain:  

  • A Nationally Recognised Academic Award
  • A Professionally Accredited Diploma
  • A tremendous learning experience
  • Superb support throughout your learning experience
  • A great learning environment
  • Coaching skills
  • NLP skills
  • A great network
  • Contact with like-minded people
  • Professional supervision when you have Graduated 

When You Are Ready Now, Contact Us! We are looking forward to the privilege of working with you. 

Our next programme starts soon! We would love to hear from you.

For a report on how you can apply coaching into your life ring us or email on:
0333 800 7777

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