Build your Coaching Practice Business Course

Build your Coaching Practice 


Business Development Short Course


Our Business Development Programme written by Coaches, for Coaches, is now available to you as a self-paced, distance learning, short course.


As it has been written to enable you to develop your Coaching Practice, you will find that it meets your values and is designed to be interesting, very, very useful and creative.



We are sharing our success with you!


As you know, we go about things differently here and one of the most successful aspects of Simply Changing is that we consistently attract people with shared values into our business. This short course shares with you the process we undertake in order to reach that goal.


Our programme has been hugely successful as a webinar-based format, and now, we have re-designed it.


it is NOW available to you as a short course to work through in your own time and at a fraction of the cost! 


Remember that this course also supports your CPD.



Here is what you will cover:


1. Setting your income targets

2. Developing your timetable of action

3. Developing Niche

4. Identifying your audience

5. Marketing with your audience

6. Developing your website

7. Finding out what works for you in terms of sales

8. Getting sales


We have designed the course to be creative, coaching led and stimulating and to enable you to build your coaching practice in the way that reflects who you are!  



What you will gain from this short course


This is a self-learning programme and will take an average of 10 hours to complete – these are the key benefits of the programme:

  • Understand who you are as a coach
  • Discover who will be attracted to your coaching practice
  • Set income targets
  • Build momentum with social media  
  • Create your approach to marketing
  • Integrate sales into your conversations


Our aim in creating this short course


This short course allows you to have the benefit of our hugely successful Business Development Programme at a fraction of the cost.


This short course also adds to and supports your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


It is a self-learning experience (this means you will go through it in your own time as a distance learner).


The minimum time we would recommend is 10 hours. However to do justice and get your business exactly where you want it to be you will decide yourself how much time you want to spend on these useful activities. 


When you have completed this short course, we will send you a certificate to place in your CPD log.



The cost


Now on offer at £49.00 





Please email thank you so much!


If you are not yet a member of the Simply Changing learning fraternity, then we will send you your password and username within 2 working days of your enrolment and payment being received.


Here's to your highly successful Coaching Practice


Louise xx