When World Events Seem Insurmountable

When World Events Seem Insurmountable

We all awoke to the horror of the news from Nice and I know that we all wonder about what motivates people to hurt others.  

Everyday, the news and social media give us information about what is going on in the world and spotlights are placed on horrific acts against people and animals.

So what can we do?

As Coaches, we can support people to deal with the immediacy of the moment. Being available and being flexible too. 

Providing perspective is the best way I know of overcoming fearful thoughts.  Negative thoughts such as 'what's happening to the world' can spiral quickly out of control.

It's really important at this time to recognise that the vast majority of the worlds population are good, decent people, doing their best to live well and look after others.  

There are organisations that exist which are made up of people who are doing their best to do the right thing.  Amazing people like Nami Kim in Korea who is doing her best to end the torture of dogs and cats in the meat industry there.  Here's a link to her organisation https://www.facebook.com/savekoreandogs/ 

The movement IslamiCity.org which goes under the hashtag #NotInMyName send out good messages about Islam - here's a link to an intersesting article http://www.islamicity.org/6422/speaking-against-terrorism/

At times like these I turn my attention to all the good in the world.  As I fed the horses this morning I was grateful that they had a loving and nurturing and protected environment to live well within.  

As I drove to the office and faced the news again, I reminded myself of all the good people I know and the good they do.  The people who have recently done the 'Race for Life', the hard working Coaches who are working on a one to one basis with people enabling them to feel their own resourcefulness and build their strength to live a good life!

There is good in the world and this far outweighs the bad.

Count it up for yourself and you will see.  

So, as I send my solidarity to Nice today, and to the fellow activists against the Boknal cruelty, doing what I can to make a diference, I keep my mind healthy and positive, knowing that we can make a difference by the effective actions we take.  

It is parents, famlies and teachers who hold the most important roles in life, they have influence and can choose to pass on good values, like Edson and Sarambuya in Rwanda, during the genocide, they protected people and got them to safety, risking their own lives. They did this because their father instilled good values in them, so that when they were challenged, they made the right decision!!  Many people in Rwanda owe their lives to their great action. 

I hope you can join me on keeping focused on all those who are making a positive difference in the world and continue to work with people so they in turn can positively impact those around them.   

Louise xx