Random Acts of Kindness Leads To Guinness Finding A Brother!

Random Acts of Kindness Leads To Guinness Finding A Brother!

Random Acts of Kindness Leads To Guinness Finding A Brother!



I am a person who has taken action, no matter how small that action is, to make a difference to people, animals and their lives and having Coaching and NLP in my life has influenced my day to day outlook.  I am always alert to the things that happen around me and I do what I can, wherever I can.

Sometimes this has been things like feeding feral cats whilst on holiday to rescuing a stray puppy in Israel and a stray dog in Greece. Some people call these things random acts of kindness and I was astounded with the reward I received this weekend when I took just a small amount of action.

Of course when it comes to humans, the whole ethos of Simply Changing is to make a difference every day and we are lucky enough to have an amazing team who together with our developing and graduate coaches make a terrific difference to all their coachees every day.

Coaching touches our lives because as a result of the training, we are different.  We become more aware, more tolerant, more able to manage situations well.  So there you are, the small acts of random kindness lead to the values held within Simply Changing and impact far and wide.  This is something I'm very proud of.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog.  Doing small things can lead to amazing outcomes.

On Sunday as I was driving back home after spending the morning with Guinness, my horse, I noticed that two horses in a nearby field were tearing around the field, looking spooked.  It was very windy that day and at first glance I thought they were reacting to that, then I noticed some electric fencing hanging off the back of one of the horses rugs and at the end of the electric fencing there was an electric fence pole.  So, one of the horses was spooked by having this attached to them and the other was spooked by the first horse!!  An accident waiting to happen I thought.

I stopped the car and knocked at the nearest house - the lady there directed me to the owners house and I walked around to tell them what had happened.  The owner was very grateful and after the problem was sorted we chatted.  I'd always admired these two beautiful thoroughbreds and it's always lovely to speak to like minded people, isn't it!!

He told me that they were ex-racers and that they had been successful and were now retired.  He told me how he looks for good homes for his racehorses once they have ended their career!!  Wow, I just met someone who shares my values!!  

If that wasn't reward enough for taking a few moments out of my day to ensure that the horses were safe and well, I was given yet another gift.  During the conversation, the owner was absolutely full of knowledge about the backgrounds of all his horses, he was reeling off names of horses and their sires (fathers).  Quite encyclopeadic!!  We chatted about the two in the field and he suddenly told me that the big horse Dex was from 'un-desperado'.  I stopped in my tracks as I heard this!  Guinness is from the same sire!!  That means that they are brothers!  My boy Guinness and this thoroughbred Dex have the same father!!

I still am so astounded by this - it's hard to put into words my thougths and feelings.  What are the chances?

Needless to say that Roz and Corrine, my stable buddies dropped everything they were doing at the time, to hear my story!!  (shared values again).

So, the moral of this story is - you never know what a random act of kindness (doing just a little bit to make the world a better place). will bring.  In this case, a brother!!  How amazing is that!

Louise xx