Coronavirus Lockdown

A Support Resource During Coronavirus Lockdown

Parents as Teachers (scroll down to find the recordings) 

We are lucky enough to train many teachers and educators to become Coaches with NLP.  During these unprecedented times we want to provide support for Parents who have become the nation's teachers. 


Use Lockdown to re-think your career  6th April 2020 


Here's a great session with Sarah Naylor - to revamp your CV and add your personality to it to get the career you deserve.  This is so relevant not just to creating a CV but also to building your facebook/website profile Enjoy! 






Coaching Outdoors Indoors and Campfire Conversations - 5th April 2020 

Lovely Marie Dove is another one of our Simply Changing graduates who specialises in coaching outdoors in her very own woodland in Yorkshire.  Here she is sharing her ideas on how to bring the outdoors in. 

MakeUp Artist EstherMarie Sharing 5 Faces of MakeUp 4th April 2020 



Boost Your Immunity with Breathing - Olive Hickmott - 6th April 2020

The Importance of Carbon Dioxide and Nitric Oxide

Fascinating discussion with Olive Hickmott - Building Your Immune System 3rd April 2020

A fun session with award winning makeup artist EstherMarie 29th March 2020 


A great session on resilience below with Liz Abram of  - 28th March 2020 


Liz Abram is a Simply Changing Coach and she's part of the Channel 4 SAS Who Dares Wins team
Liz knows a thing or two about resilience, in 1994 she was involved in the peace keeping efforts after the Rwandan genocide. she is a truly effective coach working in some fascinating fields.  Watch or listen and enjoy! 



Parents as Teachers Recordings Below 


Session 6 6th April 2020 - Plan a virtual trip, have fun and learn too 

Session 5 3rd April 2020 - Getting energetic around numbers 

Session 4 - 2nd April 2020 - Creating Mathematical Thinking

Session 3 - 1st April 2020 - Maths Ket Stage 1 & 2

Session 2 - 26th March 2020 - The video below discusses

  1. How to create a learning conversation
  2. How teachers structure lessons - Spoiler alert - they don't do an hour of solid maths!
  3. Key stage outline & Reading Checklists
  4. Creating independent learners
  5. Two creative activities


Session 1 - The video below introduces Patricia Hogan-Hussain a teacher with upper Key Stage 2


In the video above, we talk about:

  1. Joe Wicks (P.E with Joe on YouTube) and Jump Start Jonny (also on YouTube)  who provide fun exercises for children 
  2. David Walliams is reading a story on CBeebies at 11am each day
  3. You can download free childrens' books to listen to on Audible
  4. When reading to your children, create a great mood e.g. get the cushions out, snuggle up in blankets and drink hot chocolate
  5. When the kids get a bit 'fizzy' breathing exercises are great
  6. Use everyday articles like cereal packets to 'chat' about reading and exploring language and it's purpose
  7. Using targets and goals to help guide your learning from home activities - more of that on Thursday 26th March 

We realise that we need to provide more information about creating a 'teaching led conversation'  which we will do on our next video on Thursday 26th March 





Louise x