Truly life changing - Ross Williamson

This has revolutionised my coaching practice. This has been profound learning for me. I think for me the power of Simply Changing has been the 'walking through' coaching with me and prompting me to think about self development/improvement as a coach. There wasn't just information to digest and assimilate for evaluation, it was a stongly supported process of learning presented in an orderly manner. The challenge to taking coaching practice and to make it my own was without a doubt the most transforming for me. I was supported both through my webinars and by my supervisor and never felt alone. Furthermore, the development of relationships with others that shared the experience via webinar and who became my friends on the journey and I am sure into the future is so rewarding. I was told to 'have fun with it', this simply revolutionised my learning and helped me to get assignments done so easily, unleashing aspects of my creativity that I had put a stopper in a long time ago. I have done a coaching certificate with another group and I must say that Simply Changing's approach was far more hands on and truly life changing for me. I cannot reccommend Simply Changing highly enough to others seeking to train as a coach.

Ross Williamson
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