A Graduate Coach Case Study - Jane Travis
A Graduate Coach Case Study - Jane Travis

We have a series of Podcast Case Studies which outline what our Graduate Coaches are doing.  We start this series off by telling you about Jane Travis of www.littlewingcoaching.co.uk 

We tell how Jane integrates her Coaching into her personal and professional life.  Jane is a great animal lover and a great horsewoman too.  One of the projects that she is involved in involves incorporating Coaching and NLP into workshops run by a colleague of hers, she is a

Jane is a member of our Coaching with Horses team here at Simply Changing alongside Louise and Marie Weinman too. 

We hear about Janes' recent work which involves working with a person who wants to manage her depression through Coaching and NLP rather than medication.  We also hear how Jane enabled a person to overcome her phobia of riding.  We also hear how Coaching has enabled one of Jane's Coachee's to save her marriage.

We also talk about limiting beliefs and how easily these can be installed in our minds!!

We hope you find it interesting!

Louise x

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