Conversations With God

Neale Donald Walsch








Gill Fitzpatrick

The first time I read this book I loved it!

The second time I read this book I loved it even more!

The third time I read this book (in order to write this review) I loved it so much that here I am urging any of you who haven’t yet read it to get yourself a copy by hook or by crook!

Very briefly, the author was in a very dark place, he had been trying to live a ‘spiritual life’ for 20 years or so but was still no further on in his understanding of the whys and wherefores of life. When under stress or upset with someone, he was in the habit of writing a letter to that person (often never sending the letter) in order to discharge his feelings, on this particular occasion however, he decided to ‘take it to the top’ and addressed this life changing epistle to God him/herself.

He was not expecting an answer – who would? But an answer he got, in fact answers to the first 13 questions he posed! The first question you are going to ask is “Is he really having a dialogue with God”? my answer to that is I’m obviously not qualified to say; no-one is and everyone will come to their own conclusion, it is impossible not to have an opinion. What I can say without any shadow of a doubt is that, whoever it is that he is talking to, has the answers. Answers to questions that people have been asking since time immemorial!

This unlikely couple covers the usual ‘biggies’ – money, work, relationships, health, sex, karma & re-incarnation etc. etc. yet the dialogue they share is so warm, articulate and funny that I find it impossible to read without laughing out loud for joy, so deeply does the text resonate on such a profound soul level with me. As the author is reminded, we are not here to learn because we already have all the answers within, we are here to remember and that just feels So right.

Gill x

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