Change Your Life In 7 Days

Paul McKenna


Bantam Press






Louise Trevatt

This book is a real treat!

Paul Mckenna is a very popular personality and has written a little gem here. ‘I can change your life…’ is an easy to read book which will appeal.

This is an easy to read, easy to follow and effective book.

Paul McKenna is a very skilled person. He has a massive body of knowledge and a great desire to help people change their lives for the better. He also has a wicked sense of humour!

This book holds some fabulous insights into the power of gaining useful perspectives on situations. There are lots of opportunities to record your responses to given situations. He suggests that if what you are doing isn’t working, do something else!

The main focus of the book is about making small changes to the way we do things he suggest that we can accomplish anything if we break the task down into small enough chunks.

Accompanying the book is a great CD which allows you to relax, recharge and refocus on ‘changing your life’.  It is a great daily treat to listen to the cd and have a little ‘me time’.

There are messages within the book which are simple to understand and it’s the simplicity of these messages that makes the book so powerful. McKenna explains that people who are fulfilled and successful in life apply these simple techniques to their everyday lives.  

Each chapter covers one of the 7 days (in which to change your life). The book progresses a day at a time starting with understanding who ‘you’ are, progressing through to setting goals and ultimately ‘living happily every after’

Here’s to a week that will make big changes!

Louise x

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