The Secret

Rhonda Byrne


Simon & Schuster






Gill Fitzpatrick

Listen, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?............

Secret, what a hook that word is and what a superb marketing masterpiece. Just so the packaging, the book cover designed to look like a Leonardo manuscript, the authentic red seal just waiting to be broken.

Actually I could be accused of being a rather cynical here. The book is excellent and the message is awesome and let’s face it if the packaging is going to get the attention of as many people as possible, particularly those not usually drawn to self help, than all to the good.

So what is the secret? Well it’s no secret now as many, many books have been covering it before and particularly since Noel Edmonds openly declared that he had manifested his desire into reality and re-vamped his whole life. Yes what we are talking about here is The Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering, Manifestation, Thought Power.... call it what you will! What I particularly like about this presentation of the above is that the author has got together 24 of the most successful adherents of the process. The cast includes Neale Donald Walsch author of Conversations With God, Jack Canfield co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Bob Proctor author of You Were Born Rich, Hale Dwoskin author of The Sedona Method plus physicists, lecturers, coaches, teachers, investors, doctors, the skills are endless.

The book portrays the secret made simple and how then to apply it to the following; money, relationships, health, the world, you and life! Each of the chapters contain quotations by a selection of the 24 participants together with those by people in history for example Carl Jung’s famous “What you resist persists”. These quotations are all glued together with narrative insights from the author.  I like this method, because what essentially happens all the way though the book is that the message is reinforced and if you the reader are not attracted to the writing style of one of the participants then you may resonate with another – there is very little chance of missing the point.

This is the one secret that really does need to be told and you do most certainly have permission.

Gill x

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