Working with Mental Health through Coaching & NLP

Working with Mental Health through Coaching and NLP


Short Course to Support your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

The long awaited short course 'Working with Mental Health through Coaching and NLP' is now ready for you! Hooray!!
This course designed for your CPD has been created through the wonderful experience of Coaching Joe Roe.
Here is a little background
It’s very frightening to find yourself in a secure ward on a hospital with your liberties taken away from you by the mere fact that the doors are locked and any chance of fresh air is at the discretion of the key holder who decides if you are safe enough to be allowed out.
Imagine what it would be like to find yourself in that situation twice in your life. Well Joe Roe was that person, hospitalised because of her experience of Bipolar.
This short programme which supports your CPD has been inspired by Joe’s experiences and she bravely shares with you her process of getting well through the support of Coaching and NLP.
Being already immersed in Coaching and NLP as a developing coach with Simply Changing, Joe responded to Louise’s offer of support and so began a remarkable journey which led to her to her goal of being happy and in control of her wellness, so much so that she now chooses to coach people who have experienced mental unwellness.
This inspiring short course has been written so that we can all understand mental illness better and explore how coaching and NLP can be used in a person’s journey to mental wellness.
A testimonial from Abbie! 
“I feel this CPD offers vital insight and knowledge, relevant for all those who wish to coach. No matter what your arena. As someone who up until now actively avoided entering this arena. My current coaching practice has shown me that it is not one we can avoid, if we wish to be the best coach we can be.  
I highly recommend this CPD. I would even go as far as to say it is crucial learning for anyone wishing to coach. Beautifully written as always. Simple, bite sized chunks of interesting and relevant information, offered in a way that you can take from it what you will and apply it in your own authentic way. Well honestly…. You didn’t expect it to be anything else did you? “ 
Here are some lovely details of the course
Navigating mental health can be very confusing and frightening for both the individual and their family and friends. Our aim for this programme is to speak clearly and truthfully about what Mental Health is and how we as Coaches can:
  1. support the individual, when and where it is appropriate
  2. support their family in times of crisis and working towards wellness
What you will gain from this short course
  1. This is a self-learning programme and will take an average of 10 hours to complete
  2. bring awareness of the experiences of mental health
  3. explore what mental health is 
  4. bring clarity to how mental health issues can manifest
  5. make clear the difference between mental unwellness and mental wellness
  6. share with you how we approached our work together using Coaching and NLP
  7. show how supporting families through crisis using Coaching can be helpful
Our aim in creating this short course
This short course supports your CPD. It is a self-learning experience (this means you will go through it in your own time as a distance learner) and will take you approximately 10 hours to complete and when you have completed it we will send you a certificate to place in your CPD log.
We believe this programme will take you on a journey to understanding the humanity behind mental illness and our aim is to demonstrate that people experiencing mental health issues are just that ‘people’ currently experiencing mental health issues.
The cost
The cost of the short course is £79 including VAT
Please return your enrolment form to thank you so much!
We will process the enrolments between Monday and Friday and permissions for the short course will become available to you in the normal place on the Simply Changing website.
If you are not yet a member of the Simply Changing learning fraternity, then we will send you your password and username within 2 working days of your enrolment and payment being received.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Louise x